THE X-Factor in Real Estate in Farming


According to the NAR & CAR, only 4.5% of homeowners within an agent’s geographic farming area are interested to sell within the next 12 months. Most agents would use farming to filter out who these 4.5% of owners are. Some agents would turn to God and pray for better luck in getting more leads from their farming, while others would spend a fortune on Real Estate Marketing companies such as SmartZip, Offrs, and etc. However, would these services really help them in getting the qualified leads they dream of?

In RE/MAX 2000 Realty, we have the X Factor in narrowing these sellers into the 4.5% who are interested to sell so that you can focus more of your time, effort and money on them. More importantly, we charge our agents an honest price starting at $5.00 only.

Do not waste any more time, contact CK at 626-964-8999 ext 7252 to setup an office tour appointment and find out how to substantially improve your farming campaign.