2017 May Office Meeting Agenda

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Office Meeting Agenda May


2017 1st Quarter Quick Market Recap

April Quick Recap 

There is no Housing Bubble

House Prices will is on a very low risk to fall for the next two years based on ARCH MI’s report. 

Higher Affordability does not mean No Affordability

Affordability Index Increased but that is still lower than historic average. Meaning a lot of people can afford housing.

March Quick Recap

Increasing Home Prices Index (HPI)

Home Prices is predicted to rise by 4.8% year over year from Jan 2017 to Jan 2018. Home prices indicated strong future growth,

HOT Buyer & Seller Market

Regain in Home Equity is helping Gen X to sell and upgrade to a bigger home. Increases in Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI) shows that Millennials are eager to buy more than ever.

Low Inventory & Crazy Demand for Low to Mid-Level Price Point.

A lot of buyers esp. first time home buyers are flocking to buy low to Mid-level priced property. Selling agent need to work with getting offer accepted.